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untitled drabble (hello venus/nine muses, lime/sungah)
hello venus/nine muses, lime/sungah, 400w, nc-17
notes: for this prompt. yeah, so this happened. yay for more 9m fic? /pats self on back

Sungah is used to confusion. She’s used to rushing around backstage at show recordings, being in one place when she’s expected to be in another, talking to one person and taking it in her stride when suddenly there’s three and they’re all poking and prodding at her face and doing her hair.

Sungah’s used to not really knowing what’s going on, she’s used to things flying over her head but this- even by Sungah’s standards this is something else entirely.

One minutes she’s wandering the halls trying to get away from everything, to have one moment to herself and the next moment Hyelim runs into her - literally runs into her - and sends her flying back into a nearby wall.

“It’s okay, I’m fine” turns into “hey, you’re Kyungri’s friend” turns into “walk with me” turns into awkward small talk while Hyelim fidgets with the hem of her dress and suddenly Sungah’s pressed against the door of an empty equipment room with Hyelim’s lip caught between her teeth and their hips pressed together.

Sungah flips them so that Hyelim is against the door and Hyelim rakes her nails up Sungah’s back. She bats one of Hyelim’s hands away when she moves to fumble with the button on her jeans, pressing them closer together and moving to suck at Hyelim’s neck instead. Hyelim whimpers when she laves her tongue over the skin, hisses when she sinks her teeth in.

“No marks,” she mumbles, pulling Sungah up and crashing their lips together.

Sungah laughs into her mouth and pulls away, tugging at Hyelim’s panties as she gets down on her knees. She bites at her inner thighs and Hyelim moans, loud and clear, and tugs on Sungah’s hair.

It hurts a bit but Sungah pays it no attention, brushing her tongue over Hyelim’s clit and revelling in the sounds she makes. Hyelim arches into her, rocking her hips with Sungah’s mouth and Sungah smirks against her, gripping her thighs and pulling her closer still.

She doesn’t stop until Hyelim goes stiff, chokes on a moan and digs her fingers into her scalp so that Sungah is hissing into her. When Sungah looks up Hyelim is watching her with half-lidded eyes, breathing shakily. She smiles and Hyelim returns it, slightly weak, and pulls her up to press their lips together.

“Your turn?” Hyelim asks.

Sungah nods and lets her undo the button on her jeans and worm her hand inside them.


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