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old fills/reposts (4minute, hello venus/after school, sunny hill)
abandon all hope, ye who enter here, for beyond these words lie an infinite amount of lapselock

take me by the hand (you're all i've got left)
4minute, gayoon/jiyoon, 750w, g
notes: prompt was "holding hands"

it's easy, jiyoon thinks, when gayoon's around. she doesn't have to worry, doesn't have to fret, doesn't have to think when gayoon's there and it's always been that way.

she thinks back, way back, to their trainee days when she could barely remember the names of the people she met day in and day out and she could barely move without feeling some sort ache right down to her bones. she thinks back and remembers the fears she had about singing and dancing and everything, about the uncertainty she lived with and how she had no idea if she'd even be let back into the studio tomorrow or if she'd be suddenly cut like the countless other people she'd seen.

she remembers the tears she shed when she thought she was slipping away and becoming one of the blurred faces she didn't bother to try remember and she remembers the feel of gayoon's arms around her frame and the smell of her perfume as she sobbed into gayoon's shoulder. she remembers, she tries to remember the words hidden beneath her sobs and whether or not she imagined the hollow feeling in her chest but all she can think about is the strange calm that came over her when gayoon's fingers brushed away her tears.

we've got this, gayoon told her, slipping her hand into jiyoon's. it was something jiyoon never really forgot.


sometimes she thinks about when they ran away, the pure euphoria she felt and out of control beat of her heart when she tugged on gayoon's sleeve and they snuck off through back alleys away from the company.

she remembers the whispers in her ear of how it was such a great idea and she remembers the ecstatic laughter because they were finally free for the first time in too long, and she smiles to herself. she remembers how gayoon had smiled at her and walked backwards down the streets of hongdae just so she'd never leave her sight.

she smiles even as she thinks about how it neared midnight and they still hadn't bothered to call their parents and about how they'd shivered in the night air but didn't bother to go some place warmer and huddled closer together instead. gayoon had watched her carefully as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt and whispered that maybe it was time to go back.

we're okay, gayoon said after everything was through, curling her fingers around jiyoon's wrist. and despite everything, despite being cut from the team and having their debut pushed back, jiyoon believed her.


chaotic is the word that comes to mind when she thinks about their debut now. really, it's all a blur to her, she has to admit that. when she tries to recall it all there's barely anything solid for her mind to grab on to, just a rush of stylists and interviews and managers and one hectic stage after another.

they'd all paced back and forth in the waiting room, shaking from nervousness and mumbling lyrics under their breaths, repeating the choreography over and over again as if they couldn't do it in their sleep already. it was hectic and what really happened first and what came next is all mixed and muddled in her memories but it doesn't really matter because they got on stage and sang and danced their hearts out.

it was only later when they were all huddled around a small screen watching their performance on repeat that jiyoon realized it actually happened. she remembers the breath getting caught in her throat and her heart skipping a beat because it was really her there on screen for the whole of korea- the whole world to see.

we did it, gayoon had whispered to her, bumping their shoulders together and lacing their fingers together. and jiyoon had smiled because yeah, they really did.


and sometimes, jiyoon thinks, even though years have passed and everything has changed; their concepts, the people they know, the groups they compete against, it seems like barely anything has changed at all.

it's still hectic, it's still uncertain and it's still crazy and chaotic and sometimes more than jiyoon thinks she can handle but, really, she's kind of okay with that because gayoon's there and when gayoon's there jiyoon never has to worry or panic or think. she just needs to hold out her hand and wait for gayoon to take it, just needs to press herself against gayoon's side and rest her head on her shoulder.

we've got this, gayoon tells her.

jiyoon beams and grips her hand just a little tighter.

help i'm alive
hello venus/after school, ara/e-young, 450w, r
notes: prompt was "high class socialites au. the club scene is the worst sometimes, everyone knows everyone and ara is so incredibly bored" and then this happened.

"i'm bored." ara says simply, placing her clutch down on the bar and smiling pleasantly (almost too pleasantly, she hopes) at the bartender before snatching e-young's drink right out of her hand and downing it all in one go.

"go figure." e-young replies, taking the now empty glass ara hands her and signalling to the bartender that she'd like another - make it two, actually. "go make small talk."

ara rolls her eyes. "i'm bored with small talk. i'm bored with, i don't know, this" she gestures around her.

"well suck it up." e-young tells her, moving her newly acquired drink(s) out of ara's reach. "get your own."

ara slumps against the bar momentarily. "entertain me, e-young."

"why should i?" e-young says, bringing her glass to her lips and watching ara over the rim as she takes a sip. "i'm happy. like, clam levels of happy."


"really, that's what you've decided to do to entertain yourself?" e-young asks, her hand coming down on the one ara tries to slide up her thigh.

"what, it's not entertaining to you?" ara shoots back and shifts closer to e-young.

e-young rolls her eyes and tilts her head back, letting ara move in and place light kisses along her neck. "you could at least pretend you like the people here." she breathes.

ara pauses. "just because i like them, doesn't mean i can't get bored with them."

"try again, come on." e-young uses ara's momentary pause to slide out of the booth. "let's go make fun of lime and yoonjo."


"complain one more time and i'm leaving you." e-young threatens.


"i'm bored." ara shouts, right into e-young's ear and sways slightly on her feet, gripping e-young's arm for support.

"just wait a little longer. i think dambi is gonna cry about being lonely again. that never gets old." e-young replies.

"again." ara complains. "she cries, alice and lizzy get trashed, uee and nara sit in the corner and complement each other, yooyoung... shouldn't even be here. everything's the same and i'm bored, e-young."

"that's really not my problem." e-young tells her and hands her another drink.


"still bored?" e-young pants out between moans, grinding down on ara's leg as ara sucks at her neck.

ara pauses what she's doing, digs her fingers into e-young's hips and kisses her hard. "same old, same old." she smirks.

"you're impossible." e-young grunts and pries herself off of ara. dropping to her knees, she pushes up ara's dress and glares at ara. "god, the things i do for you."

ara's breath hitches when e-young tugs off her panties and bites down on her thigh lightly. "much appreciated." she manages to murmur, voice shaky and uneven.


"e-young." ara whines.

"let me guess." e-young says, smile in place, her gaze still fixed on nana or jooyeon or- on someone, ara stopped paying attention a long time ago. "you're bored."

"spot on." ara tells her, wrapping an arm around e-young's waist.


more than words
sunny hill, jubi/seungah, 290w, pg-13?? i don't really know
notes: no real prompt here.

they never talk about it. there's no need to, really. they've known each other long enough, grown comfortable enough, close enough that actually talking about it would be strange and foreign.

and besides, seungah doesn't need words to explain why jubi runs her fingers down her arms and traces patterns on her wrist. she doesn't need to talk about why she likes to bury her face in the crook of jubi's neck and sigh and hold on tighter when jubi shivers and kisses her cheek.

words are overrated anyway, she thinks. who needs words when she's got jubi's hand ghosting up her thigh and her mouth planting kisses along her shoulder. she's pretty sure jubi doesn't need them either when she has her bottom lip between her teeth and seungah is working her fingers between her legs.

actually, seungah is glad that silence is their thing because it saves her the awkwardness, the slight clench in her chest when she thinks about whether she'll have to ask jubi to stay with her afterwards. jubi just gets that and seungah is happy because she loves the way jubi smiles down at her and brushes stray strands of hair out of her face before kissing her goodnight.

the morning after, when seungah wakes up first because they forgot to close the blinds properly and the light is hitting her right in the face, she kind of loves that they never talk about it because she doesn't think she'd be able to describe the warmth in her chest or the way her heart swells at the sight of jubi spread out on her sheets.

so she settles on trailing her fingers up jubi's back instead and only smiles when jubi opens her eyes to glare at her sleepily.

don't ask me why
sunny hill, misung/kota, 380w, pg
notes: no real prompt for this one either.

if she was asked exactly what possessed her to interrupt misung's harrowing tale about buying a new shirt by grabbing the front of said shirt, pulling her in and mashing their lips together, kota wouldn't have an exact answer.

it could be a lot of things, she tells herself while misung runs her fingers over her lips and stares at her with wide eyes.

it could be the light and the way it hit misung and made everything look like it came straight out of one of those cheesy dramas she watches when no one was around. it could be that she's just sick of seungah teasing her every time misung leaves the room and she just did it to prove a point.

it could be that misung is actually just astoundingly attractive all the time and who does she think she is, anyway, going around looking like that? it could be a million different things, kota thinks, and her answer is entirely dependent on misung's reaction. which she's still waiting for.

"was that... weird?" she ventures.

misung startles, her hand dropping down to her side. she blinks at kota for several long seconds and kota is so close to burrowing underground and never surfacing again. "what?"

"that." she points at her mouth and then at misung's.

"not weird," misung shakes her head, "just a little unexpected, i guess."


they lapse into silence and kota starts fiddling with the hem of her shirt.

"it's a little weird now, isn't it?" she says.

"it's a little weird" misung agrees.


silence. again. kota stares at the ground and wonders if now would be a good time to excuse herself so she can get on with her burrowing. she doesn't notice misung shifting closer until she's pressed against kota's side.

"so are we going to keep being weird or are we going to try again?" misung asks, chuckling at the way kota splutters, her mouth opening and closing repeatedly.

"i- yeah. again. that's- that's a good idea, yeah. let's do that," is what kota finally manages to get out after a lengthy silence.

misung starts to laugh again so kota shuts her up by cupping her face and pressing their lips together.

it works and kota is the one who ends up chuckling at the happy little noises misung lets out when she drags her lips over a particular spot on her neck.

4minute, gayoon/jiyoon, 190w, pg
notes: prompt was "my first"

gayoon's first kiss isn't anything like she'd hoped it would be. there was no build up, no nervous shifting, no hair tucked behind her ear, no shy whisper of "can i?", no fireworks- there wasn't much of anything, really.

there was just her and jiyoon, alone in the living room watching infomercials at three am instead of sleeping. one second jiyoon's completely enthralled by a vacuum that has enough suction to hold up a bowling ball ("a bowling ball, gayoon. do you even know how heavy those things are?") and the next she's pressing her lips against gayoon's, a hand gripping gayoon's knee.

gayoon barely has time to process it all before jiyoon pulls back and starts staring at the tv again ("look gayoon, it comes with a free mop!"). she's not quite sure how jiyoon expects her to react - she's not quite sure how she expects herself to react - so she laughs like it's the most natural thing in the world because right now, it is.

jiyoon turns to her, eyebrow raised and gayoon shakes her head to say it's nothing before leaning forward and telling jiyoon to kiss her again.


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