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i wanna know (everything about you) (sistar, bora/everyone)
i wanna know (everything about you)
sistar, bora/everyone, 1700w, nc-17
notes: there is literally zero plot in this. i’m sorry. i just needed practice writing da sexual ;~; title from the rascal flatts’ “take me there” which has absolutely no relevance to this whatsoever

Bora learns a lot living with three other girls.

She learns that it’s far too easy to get their clothes mixed up even though none of them have the same style, and that if she’s not careful she’ll piss someone off by wearing something she could have sworn was hers. She learns that Hyorin hates being told when to sleep and when to wake up, that Soyu is always up at odd hours of the night doing whatever she does in the darkness of their living room, and that Dasom just seems to go with whatever is most convenient.

Bora finds out early on that Hyorin should be kept out of the kitchen at all costs and that she should do everything she can to make sure Soyu is the one to make their meals, and she finds out that when Dasom has a craving for something she’ll go as far as buying it and even sticking it in her mouth before spitting it right back out because she “just wanted to taste it.”

Bora learns that when Hyorin locks herself away with the cats it’s probably best to leave her alone because she actually talks to them sometimes, and she’s not sure if that’s Hyorin’s form of stress relief or if Hyorin is just that weird. She learns to not even joke about reading Soyu’s diary, that the reason that the couch moves when they all sit down to watch a movie is because Soyu can’t keep her leg from bouncing, and that sometimes Dasom can be a little brat who changes the channel without asking but will sulk for hours if someone does the same to her.

She learns a lot living with those three, and it doesn’t take her long to figure out they’ve each got their own ways of going about things.


Bora learns that in the middle of the night, when she’s absolutely certain the other two are asleep, Hyorin will slide into her bed and nuzzle into her neck, press kisses to her throat and skim her fingers up her arms. She learns that when no one else is there to see Hyorin is calm and Hyorin is quiet and Hyorin is slow, and Hyorin likes to strip Bora of her clothes one by one and lay her across the sheets and just look.

It makes Bora nervous sometimes, makes her slightly self-conscious the way Hyorin hardly ever says anything when she traces her hands over every inch of her. Hyorin watches and listens and smiles when Bora arches into her, breath hitching as Hyorin ghosts her fingers up the inside of Bora’s thigh and runs her lips down the valley of her breasts.

Hyorin stays silent and Hyorin likes to take her time, her touch too light and brief to be completely satisfying. She likes to drag it out, to tease Bora and wind her up until Bora’s fisting her hands into the sheets, whimpering and trembling beneath her.

Even then she doesn’t give Bora what she wants and she holds down Bora’s hips with a hand and whispers - breathes a quiet “not yet” into her ear. It drives Bora insane and it’s all she can do to remember how to breathe properly when Hyorin leans down and swipes her tongue over a nipple, free hand coming up to palm at Bora’s other breast.

Bora learns that Hyorin always gives in eventually, when the desperation in Bora’s voice reaches its peak and she can’t stop her hips from bucking off the bed; and that she always comes embarrassingly quickly when Hyorin slides her hand down Bora’s stomach and rubs a thumb over her clit in tight circles.


When Hyorin comes she buries her head into the crook of Bora’s neck or throws an arm over her face and even though Bora wants more than anything to see her face she can’t bring herself to complain because Hyorin’s gasps are like music to her ears and the way Hyorin presses into her makes her feel needed in a way nothing else does.


Soyu, Bora learns, is the complete opposite of Hyorin. Where Hyorin is soft and slow and calculating in the way she makes sure she coaxes Bora right to the edge of sanity before letting her fall, Soyu is rushed and reckless and all too eager to see Bora wrecked beyond belief.

Bora finds out that Soyu isn’t one for warnings or being shy about what she wants, and when she wants Bora she’ll come right out and say it, unflinching and straight to the point. Soyu’s not one for teasing and Soyu’s rough; she’ll pull Bora in by the hips, latch onto her neck and leave marks that Bora knows will take days to fade and a lot of effort to cover.

Soyu likes to sneak up on Bora wherever she is (it’s the kitchen today, while Bora is waiting for her toast to pop), likes to wrap her arms around Bora’s waist and whisper exactly what she wants to do to Bora in her ear while she slides a hand up her shirt and wrestles with the clasp on Bora’s bra. When Soyu gets it open Bora leans back into her hold, letting out a strangled moan when Soyu pulls and twists at a nipple in a way that might hurt a little if she weren’t so turned on.

Bora thinks that if it were Hyorin behind her then Hyorin would turn her around and press their lips together in a light kiss and Hyorin would push up Bora’s oversized shirt and strip her of her underwear with the utmost care and refuse to touch her until Bora was practically begging for it. But it’s not Hyorin, it’s Soyu and Soyu doesn’t have that kind of patience so she pushes Bora’s panties down her thighs, bends her over the countertop and thrusts her fingers into her without preamble.

Bora likes to think she retains some sort of elegant grace when she comes, crying out Soyu’s name and gripping the edge of the countertop so hard her knuckles turn white but the way Soyu chuckles - and she always does - and thrusts into her one last time to see her twitch tells Bora she doesn’t.

Soyu likes to step back afterwards and watch Bora struggle to stand on shaky legs, and she likes to smirk and make sure Bora sees her lick her fingers clean before walking away and leaving her hoping no one walks in before she can put her underwear back on.


The first and only time Soyu lets Bora return the favour is in a cramped bathroom at a music show and she’s so loud that when they finally leave Hyuna is outside talking far too loudly to be considered normal and trying to herd people in the opposite direction. She turns to stare at them, wide-eyed and speechless, and Soyu doesn’t look anyone in the eye for the rest of the day. Bora can count on one hand the number of times she’s felt that proud.


If there’s one thing Bora knows about Dasom it’s that Dasom is a curious little thing; Dasom likes to learn. While Hyorin is silently observant and Soyu does nothing but describe, Dasom likes to talk, Dasom likes to ask questions and Dasom likes to get answers.

Dasom is polite and she always knocks before she comes into Bora’s room, always asks before she crawls into Bora’s bed, and always asks before she kisses her. She’s steady, sure in her movements and the way she plants kisses across Bora’s collarbones, down the flat plane of her stomach.

“I was thinking about you today,” she’s light, conversational and Bora thinks that if she wasn’t under Dasom, if she wasn’t lifting her hips to that Dasom could drag her shorts down her legs, then she’d never be able to guess what they were doing from Dasom’s tone of voice alone, “and I was thinking-”

Dasom pauses in her speech, but never in her movements and she strokes Bora through her underwear, smiling down at her and watching her struggle to prove she was listening. Bora only ever manages a shaky nod, covering Dasom’s hand with her own and pressing it harder against herself.

“I was thinking and unnie,” she continues, prying off Bora’s hand. She nevers gives Bora what she wants when she wants it; Hyorin and her have that in common and Bora thinks they’d make a lethal team. “I want to know what you taste like.”

Dasom likes to learn, and Dasom learns quickly; she likes to learn about the different sounds Bora will make when she swirls her tongue like this, how hard she can make Bora pull her hair when she flicks over her clit like that. It’s not long before Dasom has Bora arching into her, rolling her hips with the movement of her mouth.

Dasom digs her fingers into Bora’s thighs when she comes, and when she crawls up Bora’s body she smiles before she kisses her, slides her tongue into Bora’s mouth just to make sure Bora can taste herself and traces her fingers over Bora’s wrist while Bora tries to get her breathing under control.


Dasom always reaches down and threads their fingers together when Bora goes down her, she never calls Bora by her name when she comes, just whines out a quiet “unnie, unnie, unnie” and tightens her thighs around Bora’s head until there’s a ringing in her ears and nail marks on the back of her hand.


Bora learns a lot living with three other girls - Soyu always makes her food and is oddly affectionate when she thinks she’s been too rough, Hyorin is the opposite and teases her like nothing else when she keeps Bora on the edge for longer than usual, and Dasom is just Dasom, acting the same no matter what the situation - and Bora likes to think that she knows them better than anyone else.

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W o w.
lkafhjdlkghla I wish I could put into words how fantastic this is but aklfdkahf sorry for being incoherent @_@ ♥

no need to apologize, incoherence is good! thanks ♥

this! i love this!

the hyuna cameo made me lol. the imagery. priceless.

thank you ♥ i'm glad you liked it and that hyuna's cameo amused you :3

this is perfect and i love it to pieces.

the tone, the flow, the characterization (hyorin as a cat lady is my fav), everything is just :') how you manage to achieve such great detail and cover all of the girls so well in so few words is beyond me but it was so good.

if this is your practice writing of the sexual~ then i can't wait to find out what your future pieces will be like. :3

thank you for writing this (and for writing sistar at all omg).

i'm actually blushing a little, not gonna lie >.< sistar really needs more love in ficdom! and thank you for reading ♥

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