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drabble dump (hello venus, nine muses, 4minute)
drunk drabbles from the other night. keepin’ this post pg. apparently the theme was interrupting my own paragraphs.

absolute destiny apocalypse
hello venus, gen, 460w, pg
notes: revolutionary girl utena au. so many ideas.

Hyelim is on her knees, arms shaking, struggling to breathe and staring at the splintered wooden sword in her hand when she realises that they’re fighting about something more than Yooyoung’s wounded heart. Maybe she should have realised sooner; maybe the endless winding staircase and floating castle should have made her question something; maybe the rose pinned to her chest and Shin Yoonjo the Bride whispering rules quietly under her breath so that Minki didn’t hear should have given something away; maybe-

It doesn’t really matter, she thinks as she struggles to stand, because she came for a fight and she’s getting a fight. It doesn’t matter that all she has left is eight inches of broken wood and Minki is looking bored with a real, honest to god weapon in his hand, he made Yooyoung cry and Hyelim has to deal with it.

Minki sighs. He’s nice enough to wait for her to catch her breath, nice enough not to exploit her apparent lack of understanding and preparation for the situation but Hyelim can tell his patience is wearing thin. He rolls his eyes when she stumbles forward a step and he sighs again, some vague warning falling from his lips. Hyelim doesn’t catch all of it - she doesn’t even catch half of it - but she doesn’t like the sound of the just give up that reaches her ears.

She doesn’t remember what happens next, it’s just a blur of color and sound and everything comes in flashes - Minki’s sword aimed right at her chest, the scream that rips through her as she runs at him, the sting of his shoulder colliding with hers, and the genuine shock on his face as the petals of his rose scatter in the wind. There’s nothing after that and when she regains her senses she’s in front of the school, bag in hand like nothing was out of the ordinary.

It’s dark now and Hyelim wonders where all the time went, how long it took her to find her way down from the arena, what the hell she did after knocking the rose off Minki’s chest. She shrugs it off, scratching her head as she starts walking. Her muscles ache slightly and she winces. “Weird day.”

Hyelim’s barely through the school’s giant gate when someone pushes off the wall and steps in front of her.

“Shin Yoonjo,” she says quietly, bowing low, “I belong to you from now on.”

Hyelim stares, mouth hanging open and arms hanging limply at her sides. “What?”

Yoonjo repeats herself, bowing again and blinking up at Hyelim once she’s done, a stiff, vacant smile on her face.

Hyelim shivers, chills creeping up her spine and, like always, it takes her far too long to figure out why.

in safe hands
9m, gen (lil bit of hyemi/erin), 200w, pg
notes: some kind of criminal au

“Don’t worry,” Sam says, leaning into Hyuna, “we’re clear.”

Hyuna frowns despite that and scans the room, shaking Sam’s hand off her wrist. It’s an easy enough plan; get the guy, take him out back, shoot him, leave. Short, sweet, almost impossible to fuck up.

There’s something about tonight, though. Something’s different and Hyuna walked into the building without her usual sense of security, without that tiny bit of arrogance in her smile. They’ve been there half an hour and Hyuna still couldn’t shake the feeling that everything was more risky than usual, that she has more on the line than usual.

It’s stupid, she tells herself - tries to tell herself. Nothing’s going to go wrong, everything will be fine because Hyemi is on security, Hyemi is keeping watch through a thousand and one little security cameras. Hyemi who takes her job more seriously that she should, Hyemi who would never let anything bad happen to any of them, Hyemi whose voice is in her ear reassuring her and-

“Are you two fucking?” she hisses into her mic.

“No!” Hyemi squeaks at the same time Erin shouts “yes!” too loudly.

- Hyemi who is partnered with Erin, who cares more about getting laid than staying alive.

hello venus, gen, 120w, pg
notes: ???

It’s three am and Juhee is squinting into darkness of their room. She can’t make anything out properly but a third of everything is hers and she knows where everything is anyway, what the dark shapes in front of the dresser and on the walls are. She sighs, kicking off the remainder of her sheets and fanning herself with her shirt.

It’s three am and it’s hot - too hot, disgustingly hot - and Juhee has no idea how anyone can still be asleep when it feels like she could literally suffocate. Ara rolls over in her bed, arm dangling off the side and Nara-

Juhee pauses. She blinks over at Nara’s bed, tilts her head to listen. It’s three am and Nara isn’t in her bed.

quietly, quietly
4minute, jihyun/hyuna, 150w, pg
notes: i wish i knew where i was going with this one

“Stay still,” Jihyun says.

Despite the command Hyuna still winces, still hisses through her teeth and jerks her leg away when Jihyun presses her fingers to the bruises on her calf.

“Sorry,” Jihyun mumbles. “Does it hurt? badly?”

Hyuna smiles. Jihyun sees pain in the way she clenches her teeth. “No more than usual,” she says. Hyuna reaches out to pull on a loose thread on Jihyun’s sleeve, tugs on it and unravels it until Jihyun brushes her hands away.

Jihyun frowns. “I’ll get you some ice.”

Hyuna wraps her fingers around Jihyun’s wrist as she moves to stand up. “Unnie,” she says when Jihyun pulls her hand away


“Thank you.”

Jihyun smiles. “I don’t mind.”


Somewhere along the line between comeback showcases and goodbye stages, between late night dance practices and early morning photoshoots, between group promotions and solo activities, between constant presence and prolonged absence- somewhere along the line Jihyun fell in love.

vice versa
4minute, gen, 450w, pg
notes: body swap. i d k.

When Jiyoon wakes up in a bed that isn't her own she doesn't bat an eyelid.

She knows the bed well enough, anyway, and she'd be able to tell it was Gayoon's even with her eyes closed. There was something about the too heavy blankets and the way the sheets felt against her bare legs that gave it away, and if she turned her head and buried her face in the pillow she knows that Gayoon's shampoo (it smells like some kind of flower and sunshine and the threat of decapitation if anyone else even thought of using it) would give her a headache in no time.

So Jiyoon doesn't do that, and instead she struggles to kick off Gayoon's many blankets, wonders briefly why she's wearing different shorts to the ones she remembers putting on last night, and shuffles off to the bathroom in the hopes of getting the first shower.

She walks into the bathroom to find Jihyun staring at herself in the mirror while she pulls her shirt tight against herself and pokes at her chest curiously.

"Did you only just notice you had those?" Jiyoon asks, scratching the back of her head and trying to keep a straight face.

Jihyun jumps and holds her arms out defensively. "I swear there's a perfectly good reason for this."

"You don't have to tell me." Jiyoon says, moving forward and nudging Jihyun out of the way so that she can get to the sink and wash her face. "I probably don't want to know anyway."

"Gayoon unnie-" Jihyun starts just as Jiyoon splashes water on her face. She doesn't remember her hair getting in the way this much yesterday.

"Unnie? Have you forgotten how old you are too or- wait, Gayoon? I'm Jiyoon."


When Jiyoon looks at herself in the mirror for the first time that morning and sees Gayoon's face instead of her own she doesn't bat an eyelid.

She turns around and looks at Jihyun and asks "Hyuna?"

Jihyun blinks at her a moment before scratching at her cheek and grinning in a way that tells Jiyoon she was absolutely right.


When Jihyun wakes up as Sohyun she notices straight away.

"This isn't good." She says to herself, but it's still pitch black outside and no one in the dorm seems to be awake so she gets out of bed as quietly as possible, starts making breakfast and hopes that pancakes will do something to help with the situation.


When Gayoon wakes up as Hyuna the first and only thing she does is scream.


When Sohyun, jolted into consciousness by Gayoon’s shrieking, notices that she's Jiyoon the only thing she can do is sigh and wonder why she couldn't be Jihyun.


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in safe hands
oh my god i did not see that coming almost choked with laughter sljdfsldjf THIS IS PERFECT. \o/

"Hyemi whose voice is in her ear reassuring her and-"
Poor Hyuna lmao what did she hear on comms.

vice versa
I probably shouldn't take this much glee in panic and chaos, but this is delightful. :D

too much. she heard too much.. :c

thank youuu i'm glad you enjoyed it!

the 4m body swap speaks to me and i very much like it. i like the others too, but like, body swap. and namji's solution to life being pancakes!!! ahhh <3

the best thing about body swaps is that there's room for dumb hijinks and angst ;)

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