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inside, outside, upside, downside

fidelity (nine muses/t-ara, kyungri/qri)
nine muses/t-ara, kyungri/qri, 2780w, pg
notes: for rules1through8 i feel like i took eight thousand years to write this but i hope you like it???

qri the disinterested barista and kyungri the regularCollapse )

drabble dump (hello venus, nine muses, 4minute)
drunk drabbles from the other night. keepin’ this post pg. apparently the theme was interrupting my own paragraphs.

absolute destiny apocalypse
hello venus, gen, 460w, pg
notes: revolutionary girl utena au. so many ideas.

zettai! unmei! mokushiroku!Collapse )

in safe hands
9m, gen (lil bit of hyemi/erin), 200w, pg
notes: some kind of criminal au

everything is going to be okayCollapse )

hello venus, gen, 120w, pg
notes: ???

it's three am and juhee can't sleepCollapse )

quietly, quietly
4minute, jihyun/hyuna, 150w, pg
notes: i wish i knew where i was going with this one

jihyun falls in loveCollapse )

vice versa
4minute, gen, 450w, pg
notes: body swap. i d k.

this is some freaky friday shit right hereCollapse )

falling apart, unseen (hello venus, yooyoung/nara)
falling apart, unseen
hello venus, yooyoung/nara, 10600w, pg
notes: for the unniedearest halloweenus exchange, prompt was ghosts/spirits. this was fun n_n

yooyoung learns just as much from the dead as she does from the livingCollapse )

damaged goods, damaged goods (4minute, sohyun-cetric)
damaged goods, damaged goods
4minute, sohyun-centric, 2840w, pg
notes: for the unniedearest halloweenus exchange, prompt was cyborgs/robots. only one more now :3

she finds her in a dumpsterCollapse )

and unerased (sistar, soyu/dasom)
and unerased
sistar, soyu/dasom, 1420w, pg
notes: womp :|. for the unniedearest halloweenus exchange, prompt was aliens. one down, two to go.

a late night call starts it allCollapse )

drabble dump (sistar, nine muses, 4minute, brown eyed girls)
hey look no lapslock

if my vices are a burden
sistar, soyu/hyorin, 130w, r
notes: -

i know that home is where you want meCollapse )

stay up in bed with me
nine muses, sungah/hyuna ft. hyuna’s cats, 250w, g
notes: -

stay up and play with meCollapse )

don't look ahead
4minute ft. g.na, gen, 600w, pg-13
notes: criminal!au~ i feel like i could have a lot of fun with this tbh

never look aheadCollapse )

this is the beginning
brown eyed girls, gen, 240w, pg-13
notes: assassin!au. see, this is another au i think i could have fun with u__u

there's still a long way to goCollapse )

i wanna know (everything about you) (sistar, bora/everyone)
i wanna know (everything about you)
sistar, bora/everyone, 1700w, nc-17
notes: there is literally zero plot in this. i’m sorry. i just needed practice writing da sexual ;~; title from the rascal flatts’ “take me there” which has absolutely no relevance to this whatsoever

bora knows her group, and bora knows her group. in the biblical sense.Collapse )

old fills/reposts (4minute, hello venus/after school, sunny hill)
abandon all hope, ye who enter here, for beyond these words lie an infinite amount of lapselock

take me by the hand (you're all i've got left)
4minute, gayoon/jiyoon, 750w, g
notes: prompt was "holding hands"

it's easy when gayoon's aroundCollapse )

help i'm alive
hello venus/after school, ara/e-young, 450w, r
notes: prompt was "high class socialites au. the club scene is the worst sometimes, everyone knows everyone and ara is so incredibly bored" and then this happened.

i'm bored, e-youngCollapse )

more than words
sunny hill, jubi/seungah, 290w, pg-13?? i don't really know
notes: no real prompt here.

hold me close, don't ever let me goCollapse )

don't ask me why
sunny hill, misung/kota, 380w, pg
notes: no real prompt for this one either.

you know what else lives underground? silurians. maybe kota can join them.Collapse )

4minute, gayoon/jiyoon, 190w, pg
notes: prompt was "my first"

it comes with a free mop!Collapse )

untitled drabble (hello venus/nine muses, lime/sungah)
hello venus/nine muses, lime/sungah, 400w, nc-17
notes: for this prompt. yeah, so this happened. yay for more 9m fic? /pats self on back

sungah is used to confusionCollapse )

this is your life (apink, hayoung-centric)
this is your life
apink, hayoung-centric, 250w, g
notes: this could be something a lot bigger and a lot better but i'm a lazy asshole so. maybe i'll expand on it one day.

you can do what you wantCollapse )